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Florida Lions is pleased to announce our adult program providing Men and Women the opportunity to continue the dream of pursuing playing the beautiful game beyond their youth years. The team will compete at amateur leagues such as the UPSL, as well as play friendlies locally and out of state. The program is designed for players over the age of 18. Youth Players who are able to perform at this level are welcome to train and play. Players who have the potential of showing well at the international level will be invited to participate on the International program.  

                                                                         FIRST TEAM

The Florida Lions full-year First Team is committed to providing local and foreign talent with high-quality soccer opportunities, playing in competitive leagues and enhancing the game as well as providing a platform for our players to continue pursuing their careers if they so choose. Players will have to go through a proper trial and players will be selected and invited to be on the team. ANSA Is a Christian based non-profit and looks to fulfill it mission through sports and education. Our goal is to place our players into universities or help them move on to the next level.

The team will train 3-5 days a week and compete on a semi pro league.


Our U23 program is run by highly experienced coaching staff. We offer high performance training sessions, college and/or pro soccer placement and scouting opportunities, and professional guidance. 

We are always looking for talented and driven players who are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to their soccer career.

The U23 squad will feed into the First Team as players progress.

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