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  • $90 Per Month

  • $50 Registration fee

  • Payment in full after first session available.

  • Covers both seasons
    Fall: August - December
    Spring: January - May


All uniforms will be ordered through our club. After registration, you will be added to a roster on ANSA Platform, and you will then receive an email with instructions on how to order your entire uniform kit + backpack.  The total cost for the uniform is roughly $250.
All jersey numbers will be selected by the Club Staff.  Uniform Kits are used on a 2-year cycle.  The current kits will be used from May 2023 - May 2025


Our Academy players will not enter a League on the 2023 Season and will focus on tournaments and preparation for their on teams.  Our academy players will travel around Florida or to other states for College Showcases, Tournaments, and games against other competitive teams from different soccer clubs.  


  • All practices are held at Minneola Athletic Complex

  • Practice 2 times a week Wednesday and Friday (6:00-7pm)

  • Practice jersey, black shorts, and white socks must be worn to every practice

  • Soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards required

Pre-Academy (U8-U12)

This program allows players to develop their soccer development focusing on technical and individual tactical development. Players from various clubs are welcome for training and development.
Players are encouraged to start a professional mentality early.

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