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                            Post College Pro Program

Post College Pro Program is designed to assist players who are looking to pursue playing at the next level after they finish their college eligibility years or have years left but believe that they are ready to go to the next level.  This program is a mix of the college summer program and our International Pro Program. Each year Florida Lions promotes and runs a Men’s and Women’s Summer and Winter program that provides an avenue to our top youth and collegiate age players a place to train and get competitive matches during their off season.  Season typically runs from the first week of June to the last week of July and consists of 4-5 practices a week and 5-8 games locally and 2 weeks of an overseas trip with the intention to expose out talents and seek for players to gain offers from international clubs. The International Trips may happen more then once a year.

For Information on the program and to sign up please contact us.

ANSA is a Non-Profit organization which it mission is to " Transform and empower youth and their families of all nations through sports and education". ANSA is a Christian based organization which welcomes people of all nations and religions but abides by its biblical core belieths and code of ethics.

Players will have the option of participating on the training in Florida or Texas campuses prior to the international trip or they can join us only for the trip.


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