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Age: 3 yrs - 12 yrs

LIONS Recreational – “LIONS Rec” – simple, convenient, organized, and player centric soccer. Our program introduces young players to the beautiful game. Lions Rec is, at heart, a community-based program, with teams formed from numerous geographic locations. The program provides a wholesome and safe environment for players who are either new to soccer or team sports to play in a non-competitive format conducive to learning. Our curriculum focuses on developing your player’s technical skills, building their confidence, and maximizing their creativity by allowing them to learn the game gradually in an enjoyable, stress-free, and engaging environment. Be ready to watch your player's passion, imagination and creativity get sparked!


Reason to Join our LIONS Rec:

  • Parents and coaches involvement

  • Community-based

  • A safe, wholesome, engaging, and stress-free learning environment.

  • Beautiful facilities and excellent training equipment

  • Players and families embrace the club culture and spirit

  • Player curriculum focuses on individual player development

  • Deliberate and consistent implementation of age appropriate training activities

  • Evenly balanced teams provide for meaningful games and training sessions

  • LIONS Rec player development coaches lead the training session

  • Low player-to-coach ratios

  • Volunteer parent Team Managers lead the games

  • Programming available for boys and girls ages 3-12

For any questions, please reach out to our Recreational Director: 

  • What are your registration prices?

    • For ages 3-12: $70 / Month for 1x week and $90 / Month for 2x week.

  • What is your youngest age group?

    • Response: Our youngest age group starts at 3 years old and we have divisions for all kids up until the age of 12

  • Are the teams COED?

    • Response: Our youngest age groups are COED (Ages 3, 4, 5, 6).  All other age groups are split by gender.  If by chance we have a specific age group that does have enough players to make a sufficient amount of teams, we may combine both genders to make a COED league

  • How do uniforms work in the recreational league?

    • Response: Uniforms are purchased at the beginning of the season and may be reused for later seasons.  All uniforms can be purchased through our partners at After you register, you may go to to ANSA's website  and order the uniform on at ANSA's store online. 

  • Are the coaches volunteers?

    • Coaches are not volunteers. Coaches for ANSA's rec program have soccer playing experience in  high school, club, college or professional soccer as well as experience in coaching young players. Assistant coaches or managers are volunteers. Most of them are parents who have experience in coaching or past experience playing soccer.  Some of our volunteers are high school or college students who have a passion for soccer and need volunteer hours for school.  Our volunteer coaches are key to having a successful season!

  • What format will my kids play?

    • ​(The format may change on the scrimmages based on the number of players that attend)

  • What will I need to bring to practice and games?

    • Your child or children will always need to have shin guards, soccer cleats, a soccer ball, black shorts, black socks, and the proper game jersey.  

  • What days are the practices?

    • Your team's practice days will be on Wednesdays and Fridays.  When you register for our Recreational Program.

  • What times are the practices?

    • The younger age groups will practice first, followed by the older age groups.

    • Practice times will be from 5:30PM- 6:20 PM for the younger players 3-12 yrs old on Fridays.

  • Practice Set up

    • Practices begin with a brief warm up, moving into a technical portion followed by the skill/topic of the day.​

    • Every session will end with either small sided games or a scrimmage.

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