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After School/PE Program is designed to help the students improve their athletic skills, abilities, and execution technically, tactically, physically and psychologically so they can continuously and consistently perform at higher level.
We have a four-phase approach:
Assessment, Goal Setting, Training/performance, and reassessment.

Program is designed to assist and provide schools and Home schooling programs in meeting their physical criteria as well as serve as an additional program for students to participate in physical activities.
This program will include but be not limited to:
•    Passing and receiving
•    Shooting and finishing
•    First touch
•    Controlling and playing with balls in the air
•    Decision making
•    Dribbling
•    Strength and conditioning
•    Goalkeeping
•    Mental approach
Sessions are one hour in length.

Age: Program starts for kids age 3 and up.
Costs are the following:

For a Monthly membership the cost is $90 per month with minimum of 6 months.

This includes 1 Session per week. 


Other Sports Available as well.

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